To the glory of our Sovereign, Heavenly Father and GOD Almighty, the following readers have posted their online reviews on the new book What is a True Christian? by Pastor Joshua Sampong.  If by GOD’s Grace, you have read the book and would like to post your reviews, please note that the comments page has closed on our website.  However, you may still post your reviews on Google Book or other online bookstores.

May the purpose of What is a True Christian? encourage you to live an obedient, Holy Spirit-filled, and Christ-led life to the glory of GOD the Father!  Amen.

  • 4 stars **** Is acceptance enough?
    Read through this book with an open mind, and consider that the criteria to be labeled as ‘true’ Christian is much more than accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. To follow in the steps of Christ, is the journey past acknowledgement! – Amazon reader
  • 5 stars ***** A wake-up call for all Christians!
    Church leaders, Christians, and readers after reading this book will agree with the Christian principles that Pastor Sampong uncompromisingly advocates!Prayerfully study “What is a True Christian?” It is probably the best Christian book of our time for simple answers on how to become a true Christian!  Indeed, a wake-up call for all Christians! – Amazon reader
  • 4 stars **** Loved this book.  It was challenging and convicting!
    Loved this book. It was challenging and convicting. This book is for anyone who wants a deeper relationship with God! – Barnes&Noble reader
  • 5 stars ***** There are parts in the book that some church leaders and readers might not like!
    I suppose there are parts in the book that some church leaders and readers might not like, but they must first search the Scriptures like the Bereans in Acts 17:10,11, then examine themselves, and either agree to disagree with the Christian principles that Pastor Sampong uncompromisingly advocates, or prove the author wrong through Scripture! – Barnes&Noble reader
  • 5 stars ***** A wake-up call for all Christians!
    The impression I get from the book is that spreading the “word” or planting Churches around the globe as a preacher, accepting Christ as Lord and Savior or regularly going to Church and paying tithes etc. is not enough to be a true Christian.  Rather, studying the Good News thoroughly and putting it into practice. “if you love Me, keep My commandments;” (John 14:15) this is a packet that goes hand in hand! – DeeperShopping Christian Books&Bibles reader
  • 4 stars **** Very useful and challenging!
    I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a deeper relationship with God! – DeeperShopping Christian Books&Bibles reader
  • 4 stars **** A challenge for all readers!
    In this book, Joshua Sampong uses extensive quotations from scripture to support his challenge that intellectual commitment to Christ must be associated with a changed life.  He not only demands a new direction for life but often specifies specific directions that this new life should take.  A Christian is either “wheat”, fully committed to Christ and living a full Christian life, or “chaff” professing faith but not-at-all or half-heartedly living the life.  Partial obedience is disobedience!Some readers might wish for greater tolerance for the lapses that the old nature inflicts from time to time.  Some may react against Sampong’s rejection of Christmas celebration in the same section as expectation of the second coming of Christ.However, while the reader may niggle about occasional prohibitions, the book’s thrust is to recount the unequivocal standards for Christian living demanded by biblical writers.  As such, the reader will be challenged! – DeeperShopping Christian Books&Bibles reader

The Book Boldly Proclaims GOD’s Call to Holy Living by Pastor Joshua Sampong: 

Click the link to read the Press Release for What is a True Christian? book released on January 8, 2014

Video Book Trailer by “What is a True Christian?” Author Joshua Sampong

  • In these times, when so many religions abound and the True Gospel has been watered down, have you ever pondered the answers to any of these questions about your soul and where you will spend eternity?
  • Is the LORD Jesus Christ the only Savior and Way to GOD?
  • What does it mean to be a True Christian?
  • If you are already a Christian, do you have to do anything?  If so, what?
  • Can you not be a Christian and still be a morally good person for Heaven?
  • And, what does it mean to be under the Law of Grace?
  • Find the answers to these questions and more as you read through this Scripturally-founded book that will require you to re-examine the Christian life and the Holy Bible like you never have before! – Watch What is a True Christian Trailer by Joshua K. Sampong.
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