I encourage all to make sure they know how to commit their lives to God.  Each of us must make this kind of surrender, get down on our knees and pray to God in this manner, or we will never be born again; we will never be saved.  We must pray:

“Dear Lord, I am a lost sinner.  I deserve to die and go to hell for my sins, but I believe with all my heart that you died for me, as my substitute on the Cross, and that you rose again from the grave.

I surrender my life completely to you, and desire to meet every circumstance of life as your Word directs.  I accept you as my Lord and Savior.  Come into my heart this moment and be my Savior.  I thank you for the forgiveness of my sins.  Lord, enable me to live the Christian life, to love and obey you, and do your Will, and the Will of the Father in all things.”

Then as you give yourself to the Lord, and consecrate yourself, and are born again of the Holy Spirit, then as an act of obedience, you should most certainly desire to be scripturally baptized.  But keep in mind that it is Grace that saves you as you exercise faith in Jesus Christ.  Read the Lord’s Commandment in Matthew 28:18-20 below:

And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen (NKJV).

  1. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ that by faith He died and shed His Blood on Calvary’s Cross to save you and offer you Eternal Life

  2. Repent of your sins. Be willing to go a new direction in your Christian life

  3. Be “born again” and receive the “new birth” from the Holy Spirit

  4. Start going to church; tell others and speak to a pastor about your decision

  5. Be baptized by water immersion

  6. Live under the Grace of God and show evidence in your life that you are truly “born again” of the Holy Spirit.  Deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Surrender yourself, trust in the Lord Jesus

  7. Love your neighbor, forgive others and pray for your enemies

  8. Study the Holy Bible, watch and pray for the Lord’s Second Return

For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the world that He [even] gave up His only begotten (unique) Son, so that whoever believes in (trusts in, clings to, relies on) Him shall not perish (come to destruction, be lost) but have eternal (everlasting) life. – John 3:16 (Amplified Holy Bible)


  1. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ that by faith He died on Calvary’s Cross to save you and me.  Surrender your life to Him as your Savior.

  2. Repent of your sins.

  3. Pick up a copy of the Holy Bible and start reading the Gospel of John from chapter 1:1 to 21:25 asking God to allow the Holy Spirit to give you the wisdom to understand His Word as you read.

  4. Upon repentance of your sins and acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, the Holy Spirit gives you a “new birth” from Heaven; the Holy Spirit regenerates you.

  5. God’s Salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ is given to you.

  6. Pray often for God’s Grace, and worship with other believers on Sundays at a Christian church.

  7. When you fully understand what it means, submit yourself to a local church to be baptized by water immersion as a sign of public submission to the Lord Jesus Christ.

  8. Baptism means that you have surrendered your life, and accepted to be crucified, buried and resurrected with the Lord Jesus Christ into a new life to glorify and serve our Heavenly Father.


  1. God’s Holy Spirit controls your daily life. The Fruits of the Spirit is seen in you.  You abhor sin and love to please the Lord Jesus Christ
  2. You spend more time studying the Holy Bible; much time in private prayer to God, and less or no time on worldly activities such as TV programs, movies, wrestling, boxing, football and other sports which creates bodily injury in order to win.  Moreover, such worldly entertainments suck away precious time from serving God in truth and in the spirit
  3. You live a new lifestyle of “dead” to the world, but “alive” in Christ Jesus by faith
  4. As a “dead” person in the Lord Jesus, you are not spiritually concerned by the sinful actions against you.  You are immune to sin due to your complete surrender to Christ
  5. A true Christian cannot serve both God and the devil. The desire to follow Christ must be final; never to look back at the world and flesh
  6. With God’s Grace, you automatically forgive those who offend you, praying that God would open their eyes to repent and be saved
  7. You remove resentment from your heart, and “count” the cost of following the Lord Jesus Christ
  8. You examine yourself daily to see whether or not you are growing in your daily relationship with God, asking for the Holy Spirit’s Power to successfully and victoriously go through each day.  You are sensitive to wrongdoing, and each time you sin, the Holy Spirit convicts you, which makes you repent, confess and stop sinning
  9. You start bearing fruits of the Holy Spirit in Loving God’s Word especially obeying the Lord’s Commandment on the Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew chapters 5, 6 and 7; you love your neighbor, enemy, and those who provoke you to anger; you pray for those who have hurt you.
  10. You watch and pray for others to become Christians as you await the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, which may happen unexpectedly
  11. As a saved person, your heart is sensitive to wrong­doing and your will is broken before God. Therefore, at the slightest sin, the Holy Spirit makes you aware of it, and you repent, confessing and forsaking that sin
  12. If you find yourself committing or enjoying the same old sin, then you have not repented or been born again.  You need the Holy Spirit Power to help you.

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You cannot be a Christian without being united to Christ; this is true of all Christians. The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin; the Holy Spirit gives us the principle of new life; He regenerates us; He is the same Spirit who at the same time joins every true Christian to Christ

The first thing to understand about repentance is what IT IS NOT.  Sorrow itself is not repentance, though repentance may be accompanied by sorrow.  Even weeping about sin is not in itself repentance.  Many have sorrowed and wept about sin in their lives, NOT because they have seen the awfulness of it and have desired to have it right before God.  But rather because they have suffered a ruined reputation or some physical infirmity, or because some cherished ambition has been blocked. Real repentance is a “change of mind” that reaches the heart.


2nd Corinthians 5:17:

“Therefore if any man BE IN CHRIST, he is a NEW CREATURE: OLD THINGS are passed away; behold, all things are BECOME NEW.”

1st Corinthians 12:13, Philipps’ translation,

“For we were all baptized by the one Spirit into one body, whether we were Jews, Greeks, slaves or free men, and we have all had experience of the same Spirit.”

Galatians 2:20:

“I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me; and the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me!


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