Scriptural Thoughts to Consider:

  1. Are you a “HAPPY-GO-LUCKY” person?  Is being a Christian just a secondary matter to you?  Do you feel ashamed when your friends label you based upon your spiritual responsiveness and behavior?
  2. Is it fair and justifiable in your eyes to live a deliberately SINFUL LIFE after you become a Christian?
  3. Does the LORD JESUS require you to be a Christian in name only?  Are you a secret Christian? Are you afraid to lose your worldly friends?
  4. Is it acceptable to be a Christian and still hold grudges in your heart; hate your neighbor, your friend, family, boss, or anyone else?
  5. Do you think that GOD is happy with you when you use bad language, curse, steal, cheat, gamble, deceive others, backbite, fornicate, drink alcohol, smoke, watch immoral TV and Movies and listen to immoral talk shows?
  6. Are you excited about discussing politics, football, soccer, basketball, and baseball games hurricane disasters, tornadoes, the weather, but not interested in discussing GOD’S WORD with other Christians or friends?
  7. Do you go to worldly friends for advice, but close your ears and hearts to Scriptural suggestions?
  8. How is your LORD’S DAY, SUNDAY?  Are you still busy working or going to purchase things, or rushing to go to work after church service instead of dedicating the LORD’s Day (SUNDA) to worship GOD and ministering to unto the needs of others?
  9. Are you excited about spending 4 hours watching the Oscars and Emmys, which honor worldly people for their worldly actions on TV and movies, only to receive idols, and yet are impatient at church for a one hour service?
  10. Do you pay TITHE at all on the money, provisions, and gifts that you receive on a regular basis to your local church? Are you paying as much TITHE as GOD has blessed you with His Abundant Grace, or you are barely paying the minimum 10%?  Do you skip tithing in order to pay your bills?  Will GOD bless you if you stole from HIM?
  11. Do you WHISPER at church when you sing praises to GOD?  Do you know why we sing hymnals?  Would you whisper if you were promised a worldly treasure?
  12. Have you been nursing a 20-year RESENTMENT in your heart even though the LORD Jesus forgave your sins on Calvary’s Cross?
  13. Do you pray for the success of your church, pastor, leaders, elders, and congregation?  Are you “dating” another church because of the Gospel message the pastor preached, or what one of the brethren said?
  14. Are you living with someone you are not married to?  Are you in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship?  Do you know what God calls such a relationship? Fornication and SIN!
  15. Do you seriously pray to God to grant you wisdom and a desire to worship Him in truth and in the spirit through the Lord Jesus Christ?
  16. Do you think of the Holy Bible as just another literature book?  Do you meditate upon the Holy Bible?
  17. Do you believe the LORD Jesus Christ’s warning that in the last days THE LOVE OF MANY WILL WANE? That people will be interested in THEMSELVES? That they would be consumed with success, buying, selling, building, eating and drinking, instead of leading a HOLY and Godly life?
  18. Are you ready for the SECRET RAPTURE and the SECOND RETURN of the LORD Jesus for true Christians?


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