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(George Everard, “Bright and Fair! A Book for Young Ladies” 1882) From Grace Gems Puritan Devotional:

It seems to me that young ladies have many suitors for their hand. There are those who lay siege to a young lady’s heart and endeavor to carry it off as their prize.

Here comes Fashion, and, in its train, dress, and show, and jewelry–and whatever ministers to vanity and pride.

Here comes Mammon, with its presents of gold and silver, and perhaps a home where there is every luxury and comfort–but where there is no room for God.

Here comes Music, with its enchanting strains, taking the first place, becoming a ruling passion, perhaps bearing sway even in the House of God, occupying the whole attention, robbing God of the heart, shutting out all true, spiritual worship, and any earnest heed to the Word of life.

Here comes Pleasure, assuming a thousand forms–the dance, the drama, the theater, and I know not what else beside–alluring with its siren voice, deadening religious impressions–leading the soul far away from Olivet, Calvary, and Mount Zion.

Here comes Ambition, perhaps making use of intellectual gifts, perhaps of other means, to rise high in the scale of society–but with no thought of using such a position for the glory of God.

Here comes even Vice, clad in some fair disguise, fed by ideas taken from the light reading of the day, and beguiling the restless and unwary into paths of unspeakable peril.

No doubt each and all of these have much to say for themselves, and will not resign the effort to make you their prey without a struggle.

Have you given your heart or hand to one or another of these? Have you permitted any one of them to exercise such influence over you, that you have been hindered in serving and following Christ?

If so, I am sure you will find disappointment. The present gratification may seem to be worth something–but what about the dregs of the cup? What will they leave behind, when health or circumstances prevent your further enjoyment of them?

Ah, there is often the yielding to some earthly pursuit or amusement–that the soul is robbed of the real joy and gladness which would otherwise rise up and fill a young life with its overflow of peace and usefulness.

What the world calls pleasure scarcely deserves the name, and very soon dries up like a brook in summer. But Jesus is a fountain always near and overflowing with joy that never fails!

I know of but one worthy suitor who may well claim your hand, your heart, your life, your all. Only yield yourself to Him in genuine sincerity, only give yourself to Him without the very least reserve–and you can never be disappointed, nor fail to secure the very best that your heart can desire!


Revive Our Hearts is a woman to woman ministry by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. If you are a young girl or woman, and need spiritual instructions from another woman, click on the link below to watch and listen to Revive Our Hearts. Click on the back arrow to return to FCGC. GOD’s blessings:

Revive Our Hearts – Women Ministry by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

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